Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Units for 2014

Finally got around to basing some Martian figs that I painted late last year. Of course seeing these new units gave me the needed impetus to gear up for a battle. Been itching to try out the  Gaslight rules! So over the next month or two you should see posts of more units for the next battle.
A Little Steam Tech


Gotta love the Shield Gunners

Martian "Shooters" prepare to take on the Earthlings



  1. Ooooh, look good. I will have to move mine up the queue!

  2. Thanks Pancerni,
    That's what I'm trying to do, get them to the game table.

  3. Very Inspirational and Cool !
    Nice touch, I really like youre Martian Riflemen/Shooters.
    I am setting up my workroom, and soon I can start this years projekts. I have my own blogg (in Swedish) and I will try to keep up with you. (

    1. Hopefully I'll have the Green Martians up next week!
      Thanks all for the supportive comments!