Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mars in 25mm, always a treat!

Greetings fellow Mars fans!
Today at Treefort, a great gamestore in Fayetteville, Ga, we played out a scenerio pitting a large British force (Doug Attaways collection, nicely painted by Terry Wills)against the forces of a Martian Noble (my stuff)
Colonel O'Conner had been dispatched to capture the Jeddak before his intriguing
lead to an 'embarassing situation for the Crown'.

The expedition caught the Jeddak
redhanded employing mercenary Americans and their landmonitor 'Old Jack'.
The battle turned into a slow grinding match as the resolute Martians defended every building and ruin. Mad charge after charge was fought off by the British but the Martians kept coming.

But the scale tipped when 'Old Jack's' guns were put out of action and the monitor retreated. Colonel O'Conner ordered his commanders forward to capture the Jeddak before his courage failed and he also turned tail and ran.

Orders to march on the double were given and the British surged forth. But the Martians were not done yet as the skies filled with the arrival of the Jeddak's High Martian ally.

A High Martian charge is a fearful sight! And one that all but stopped the British advance. The British held in the end and the gatlings spoke. But the Jeddak had almost reached the canal and safety.

It was this moment that the British Captain Drake, who had been meandering with his airboats looking for the Jeddaks treasure with which to pay off his gambling debts, realized that the Americans had taken the treasure as payment and were fleeing with it. Without the money I'm doomed he thought! I'll be cashiered for certain this time. But then in a stroke of genius and cunning he realized that a mad dash to capture the Jeddak might buy clemency from his Colonel.

And thus was a hero made and victory achieved.